Adidas Adizero RS7 Pro

A couple months back, SER brought you leaked images of this boot thinking it was a special edition version of the Adizero II, however at Adidas’ big Adizero promotional event this past week, they were unveiled as new rugby boots called the Adidas Adizero RS7 Pro.


  • Upper: SPRINTSKIN crafted upper. SPRINTSKIN is a revolutionary single-layer synthetic for that incredible wear and reduced weight. This, along with TPU support bands, sprint frame exchangeable screw-in studs and aggressive colors, will dominate the rugby pitch.
  • Specs: Synthetic print added to medial forefoot is to increase control when kicking. The TPU bottom frameframe reinforces the upper and prevents abrasion in the kicking area. Inlay is crafted with the ultralight sockliner in the shoe.
  • Outsole: A new Traxion stud shape for maximum acceleration and speed on soft and wet surfaces. Mix of molded Traxion studs and exchangeable aluminum studs. The sprint frame construction uses geometrical learnings and a new stud shape to offer the perfect balance between light weight and stability.

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  1. Sean

    looks better than the adizero II’s

  2. Ben

    Agree 100% with Sean… Anyone know if there are any downsides to using Rugby boots in soccer?

    It looks like it has a good enough kicking surface, same studs, and I really don’t care about what is probably a 10 gram weight difference

  3. OnlyFootball

    Ben, there’s no downside at all. Go for it.

    Way to be heads up on the latest stuff SER. I haven’t seen any other site report on these yet.

  4. duncan
  5. Woldstad

    They actually look pretty good, better than a lot of soccer boots. But I just wouldn’t be able to wear these in a soccer game, knowing that they were rugby.

  6. Pat

    when do these get released?

  7. Isaac


    You can buy them as of now at

  8. Pat

    thanks for that dude :)

  9. Blake

    Anyone know if these will be released in a firm ground model?

  10. Brendan


    They won’t be released in a firm ground model. Like the rugby equivalent to the predator X, the longer metal studs are the main reason they are used for rugby. If you look at the soft ground version of the football adizeros and the rugby adizeros, the metal studs are more prominent on the rugby counterpart.

  11. rob o sullivan

    Hey anyone know if these are good for an outhalf in rugby ? place kicking ?

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