Luka Modric and Alex Buttner Prematurely Unveil Nike Mercurial Vapor IX

Nothing excites the football boot community quite like a Nike Mercurial Vapor launch, and this is no exception. We know the buzz and the hype that surrounds the launch of a new Vapor, and the momentum is slowly but surely building up for the release of the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX. Leaked images of the boots have been circulating for quite some time now, and while we did see a footballer in the Chinese Super League wear the boots a few months ago, two high profile footballers have prematurely leaked their shiny new boots to the world.

Even though he was seen training in the adidas miCoach F50 adiZero a few months ago, Luka Modric has perhaps showed off his intent of staying with Nike as he has already received his pair of Nike Mercurial Vapor IXs. Nike always send their new boots to sponsored athletes a few weeks prior to the launch of a boot, but Modric has been rather cheeky in already deciding to bring out his new pair of boots before the official unveiling of the boot in mid January.

Luka Modric Real Madrid Vapor IX edited
Despite the success of the Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII, Nike always like to change things up regularly with the Nike Mercurial range. While the Vapor VIII was stripped back compared to the Superfly III, it is clear from Modric’s boots that Nike are changing things up a gear when it comes to the Vapor IX. The big difference is the change in the upper, gone is the smooth upper from the Vapor VIII. Instead Nike have engineered a dimpled teijin synthetic leather upper. Nike are calling this “speed control technology” that increases friction between foot and ball for better ball control and feel. This will be used in conjunction with ACC technology that will be featured on the top of the line Vapor IX models.

Nike have also taken away the simplistic design from the Nike Vapor VIII, which we saw as a nod in the direction of Vapor models from the past, and are choosing a bold design when it comes to the Vapor IX. With a large ‘NIKE’ logo running along the heel of the boot and some very bright launch colour ways, Nike are making sure their boot stands out on the football pitch! As for the outsole, it is something we cannot solidly comment on. While we have been under the impression the boot would be half glass composite and half carbon fibre, it seems that late prototypes of the boot suggest it is going to be an all glass composite outsole. It is something we guess we will find out come the launch of the boot!

But while Modric was rather cheeky in bringing out his new boots a few weeks early, we are rather fortunate that another footballer has given us an even clearer look at the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX. Manchester United full back Alex Buttner posted a photo on Twitter of his shiny new Mercurial Vapor IXs. While Modric was using the Purple/Pink/Yellow colour way, Buttner has taken delivery of the primary Orange/Yellow launch colour way. Either way, Nike will be hoping to make a massive impact with these boots, and launching two bright colour ways alongside each other show off Nike’s bold intentions. (Thanks to Isak on our Facebook page who told us of the photo)

Alex Buttner Vapor IX
With the boot going on pre-sale on the 18th of January, it means Soccer Reviews will officially unveil the boot either on that date or a few days beforehand. But the professionals will have a few weeks head start ahead of the general public, with the boots officially going on sale on the 31st of January. There is nothing quite like a Nike Mercurial Vapor IX launch, and we can feel the excitement cranking up for this launch…

What do you think of the new Nike Mercurial Vapor IX? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. it gets better and better! :)

  2. Will there be a superfly version?

  3. Miguel

    Will the upper be as soft as the vapor viii?

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    I can also see the new Citrus CTR’s on the feet of Essien

    The Orange/Yellow colourway looks super hot!!!!!

  5. Lauri

    When is the release date of vapor IX?


    are they really lite weight and comfortable.
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