Boot Calendar Update – 15/2/12

We say it time and time again, but the next 18 months is going to be massive in the football boot world. Soccer Reviews presents the expected selling dates of the big releases we have coming up, and we know some of the later dates are sure to cause a massive ripple through the football boot community. 




June (No boots expected to be released)
  • Adidas adiZero II (Black/Black/Infared)
  • Adidas adiPure 11Pro (White/Blue/Black) *NEW


January 2013

  • Nike Tiempo Legend V *NEW
February 2013
  • adidas adiZero III *NEW
March 2013
  • Nike T90 Laser V *NEW

December 2013

  • Nike Mercurial Vapor IX *NEW
  • Nike+ Rolled Out Onto Football Boots *NEW (It’ll happen in either December 2013 or May 2014)

May 2014

  • Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly IV *NEW


About Jordon English

Jordon is the go-to boot spotting and unreleased boot news writer for Soccer Reviews. Joining the site way back in 2010 (where Soccer Equipment Reviews was not even a blip on the football boot radar), Jordon makes the world famous Soccer Reviews boot spotting and, if there is an unreleased boot, Jordon probably knows about it. Jordon is not looking to make a playing career out of football (he hopes to break into the Australian A-League as a referee within the next 3 years), but he still trains with one of the University of Melbourne football sides where he studies Commerce.


  1. ronnie


  2. jimmyharafro

    sick youre the best!

  3. anders


  4. jimmyharafro

    love your boot calendar

  5. Fbawface

    Wheres the adizero 2 SL gone ?

  6. James

    I thought there was going to be adiZero SL??

  7. Jordon

    Oh yeah, the adiZero II SL, about that. It seems Adidas aren’t releasing it now. We expected to see one released by now, but we believe Adidas aren’t doing it now. However, we will keep you guys informed of any further developments.

  8. Nick

    Any details on the last two mercurials??

  9. NIck

    I thought the superfly was being dropped, after the Nike mercurial vapor VIII?

  10. james

    yh…. i thought the superfly was gone now?
    oh and just to let u know, soccer reviews.
    I know a person who works in adidas and is it true that last yr they focused mostly on messi and the f50s and this year they will push on xavi and the predator series?

    • Jordon

      Ah yes, the Superfly IV. Well we believe that Nike will be rolling out the Superfly range for World Cups only, hence why it will be brought back in 2014.

      And yes, we are certain that Xavi will become the new face of the LZ range and he will definitely be given a big push by adidas in their advertisements this year and next year.

  11. Khôi

    Can wait for the Pumas

  12. Nike + ?????????????

  13. IS

    Jordon, I thought Puma would release Control boot next autumn?

  14. Zico

    Will there be a SL version of the predator LZ?

  15. AH


  16. Fifabooy

    Black and red Puma king SL are on sale in Norway now :) hahaha April you guys !

  17. The adiPOWERS are close to an end :( Adidas please don’t do this, everyone loves preds, your going to ruin them

  18. Dan24

    Don’t suppose youve got any images of the tiempo V due for January SR? Or even have any idea if they’ll be much different to the IV’s?

  19. Yaseen

    May 2014! Isnt that a little too into the future to actually claim something?

  20. Yaseen

    oh and where is the Adidas Adipure 11 pro sl!

  21. Eric Ham

    what happened to the Adizero SL…..are those being released anymore?

  22. alex

    everybody stock up on old predators!!!!!

  23. Michael Parry

    Adidas should lose a lot of customers with these LZ bots taking over from predators. It’s more like a discontinuation of the predators and a new boot altogether, because they certainly aren’t predators

  24. isaac

    would love to know some sort of info on the tiempo V especially if any differences compared to the IV

  25. Jad

    I thought i remember seeing a puma powercat sl version listed. What happened?

  26. Daniel Khalaf

    Ahahahaha. why have changed the calendar. Where is Vapor ix?? I’ll bet that Nike has asked you to remove them….

  27. jim

    why the nike mercurial vapor 9 will be late so much???

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