Boot Calendar Update: 17th October

We make sure the updates between boot calendars are not as frequent these days. Why? Because Soccer Reviews ensures that we get only the hottest release dates onto our calendar, and we do not want to lose that special feeling when we release a new boot calendar. There is plenty to get excited about with this release, from blackout LZs to confirmation of the Tiempo Legend IV release colour way, there is something here for everyone.


  • Mizuno Wave Ignitus II (Red/Black)
  • Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII (Black/Pink/Blue/White) – CR7 special model
  • adidas adiZero III (Red/White) – Messi special model
  • adidas adiZero III (Vivid Yellow/Black/Green Zest)
  • Puma EvoSpeed I (Orange/Black/Green)
  • Puma EvoSpeed I (Red/Black/White) – Ducati special limited release


  • adidas adiPure 11Pro (Black/White/Yellow)
  • adidas Predator LZ (White/Blue/Yellow)
  • adidas Predator LZ (Vivid Yellow/Black/Purple) *NEW
  • Nike re-releases the Nike Green Speed

January 2013

  • Nike CTR360 Maestri III (Blue/Black/White)
  • Nike CTR360 Maestri III (Orange/Black/White)
  • Nike Mercurial Vapor IX (Orange/Yellow)
  • Nike Mercurial Vapor IX (Purple/Pink/Yellow)
  • Nike Mercurial Vapor IX – leather-like finish version (Silver/Black/Green) *NEW
  • Nike Tiempo Legend IV (White/Black/Orange)
  • Nike Tiempo Legend IV (Black/White/Volt)
  • Nike T90 Laser IV (Volt/Black)
  • Nike T90 Laser IV (Black/Orange)
  • Puma EvoSpeed I SL (Jasmine Green/White/Monaco Blue/Fluo Yellow) *NEW
  • Puma EvoSpeed I (Red/White/Blue)
  • Puma King SL (Blazing Yellow/Black/White)
  • Puma King SL (Black/White/Red)
  • Puma PowerCat 1.12 (Black/Green/White)
  • Puma PowerCat 1.12 (Blazing Yellow/Red/Blue)
March 2013
  • adidas adiPure 11Pro (Black/White/Green) *NEW
  • adidas adiPure 11Pro (White/Black/Red) *NEW
  • adidas adiZero III (Black/Green/Silver)
  • adidas adiZero III (Blue/White/Purple) *NEW
  • adidas Predator LZ (White/Black/Gold)
  • adidas Predator LZ (Black/Warning)
  • Nike CTR360 Maestri III (Green/Black) *NEW
  • Nike CTR360 Maestri III (White/Red) *NEW
  • Nike Tiempo Legend IV (Red/White) *NEW
  • Nike Mercurial Vapor IX (Blue/Yellow/Pink) *NEW
  • Puma EvoSpeed I (White/Blue/Green)
  • Puma EvoSpeed I (Green/White/Dark Blue)
  • Puma PowerCat 1.12 (Red/Red/Red)
  • Puma King SL (Blue/Gold)
May 2013
  • Nike Mercurial Vapor IX CR7 Edition (White/Orange/Yellow) *NEW (This colour way will burn your eyes)


July 2013
  • adidas adiPure 11Pro SL (Black/Black/Red) *NEW
  • adidas Predator LZ (Black/Black/Green) *NEW
  • adidas Predator LZ SL (Black/Black/Purple) *NEW
  • Nike CTR360 Maestri III (Blue/Blue/Yellow) *NEW
  • Nike Tiempo Legend V (Black/White) *NEW
October 2013

December 2013

  • Nike+ Rolled Out Onto Football Boots (It’ll happen in either December 2013 or May 2014)
February 2014
  • The next adidas adiPure

May 2014

  • Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly IV
  • The next adidas adiZero


  • The leather-like finish Vapor IX with the expected release date of January 2013 is anticipated to have the same upper as the ‘Clash’ colour way Mercurial Vapor VIII. Where as the other two boots have the dimpled synthetic upper. We are relatively confident about the boot having a leather-like finish, but we stress it is NOT a full leather upper or Kanga-Lite, just a synthetic upper made to feel like leather.
  • The CR7 Mercurial expected to be released in May 2013 is very, very bright. Look for pictures online at your own peril, we take no responsibility if it burns your retinas
About Jordon English

Jordon is the go-to boot spotting and unreleased boot news writer for Soccer Reviews. Joining the site way back in 2010 (where Soccer Equipment Reviews was not even a blip on the football boot radar), Jordon makes the world famous Soccer Reviews boot spotting and, if there is an unreleased boot, Jordon probably knows about it. Jordon is not looking to make a playing career out of football (he hopes to break into the Australian A-League as a referee within the next 3 years), but he still trains with one of the University of Melbourne football sides where he studies Commerce.


  1. guest

    what’s with adizero II SL. they won’t be released?

    • hartmann

      in europe what you kow as the sl is sold as the graphic. if you go to adidas u.s. site its called sl. but no, they are not going down the sl route on this one it looks like.

  2. Lee

    Soccer reviews, i can’t find any pictures of the new boots on the Internet…
    Where can I see them? Any links? And will any of the predators be a David beckham boot?
    Thank you

  3. Jordon English

    Unfortunately guys, due to legal ramifications, we absolutely cannot post any links or photos of boots If we did it, we’d be on the receiving end of some dire punishment. There are images around, but if links from certain sources are posted, they’ll be pulled down. But don’t forget Soccer Reviews is the first to bring the original news!

    • Jesse

      Does anyone know if when the messi special edition F50 is released, will there be a clothesline with his logo released also (like what nike did with the last CR7 mercurials)? I know adidas currently has kids clothing with messi’s logo, but will anything with adult sizes be released soon? Thanks!

  4. Tino

    Do you guys know if the tiempo v will be k-leather or kanga lite??

  5. Zach

    I’m thinking about getting a pair of vapors from NikeID. Would you recommend getting the VIII’s, or waiting for the IX’s?

    • tony

      i was going to buy a pair of miracles 3 but i am going to wait for the iv so…it would be better for you to wate for the mvix

  6. edson

    are the LZs still going to be made?

    • Charlie Zhu

      yes, they said in their podcast that the next predator is going to be more a power boot but it will be released alongside the lz

  7. thanks yes the website and the information .. well yes open my websit

  8. Anderson
    • Jesse

      Definitely not. Not sure what that is. it looks like a vapor upper with a T90 stud config. Could be fake. These are the CR7 Mercurials. There will be a vapor launched, but i could only find a picture of the miracle.

  9. Boski

    When is the new puma king set to be released?

  10. Where can you see a picture of the VApor IX CR7’s. I have seen the black/turquoise/Pink ones that are coming out this month but i cant find a picture of the 2013 model. CAn anyone help?

  11. chaz

    from that webpage is there any truth to the lunargato II ?

  12. drew

    does anyone know if the new adizero will be in leather/

    • Kevin Parks

      Yup, there are multiple pictures of pros testing the leather versions so far, and Adidas surely wouldn’t force the best player in the world (messi) into synthetic boots…

  13. scoringmachine

    is january 2013 the official release date of vapor IX colorways in europe?
    ive red february and march 13,too.

  14. hartmann

    how about an update, since many of the boots have been released sooner then its shown on the calendar. especially adidas boots!!!

  15. GolazoLeo

    The AdiZero III (Vivid Yellow/Black/Green Zest) got released early December not November as stated above. Also, it says the (Red/White) doesn’t have any release dates.. Do you guys have any clue? They look sick.

  16. Ricardo

    May is also the release of the Nike Phantom Venom! This calendar needs an update.

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