Soccer Ball Buying Guide

Adidas F50 Xite Soccer Ball

“The ball doesn’t make a difference to your gameplay.” Whoever says that is 95% incorrect with that statement. The ball truly does make a difference, and if it didn’t, then why are there balls that cost $3.00 and then there are others that cost $130.00. You just have to choose the right ball which suits your situation. Here’s SER’s Soccer Ball Buying Guide.

  • Look- The ball can look extremely cool, or it can be a crappy looking rubber ball. Depending on your wallet, there are pretty much three different quality types of balls you can buy.
  1. Cheap- They are really poor quality balls, however, It could be good for playing in your driveway or such. The cost is usually below $7.00, so unless that’s all you can afford, or you have a three year old playing, I would say, “Do not buy this ball.”
  2. Good Quality- These types of balls are meant for everyone. They’re pretty cheap to buy, the price ranging from $10.00-25.00, considering the good quality the balls have. Good places to buy these are at Amazon [affiliate] and Eurosport [affiliate].
  3. Amazing Quality- These balls are the same quality as the balls professionals use. However, they are very expensive, (range includes $120.00-140.00) and are quite rare. Despite the cost, these quality balls are amazing, and I love playing with them. I guess you get what you pay for.
  • Size- There are multiple sizes available when purchasing a soccer ball. Depending on your level of play, different sizes are meant for different leagues and soccer games.
  1. Size 3- This sized ball is typically used for kids’ soccer. This is a good ball for 3-7 year old kids.
  2. Size 4- Moving up the spectrum of play, a size 4 ball would usually be used during games played by children aged 8-12.
  3. Size 5- The official sized ball used by professionals. Typically used by all soccer players beginning at the age of 13.
  • FIFA Approved- To find out if a ball is authentic and not a cheap fake, you can check the side of the ball and see if there is a FIFA Approved Seal, or an Inspected Seal. If there is, it proves that the ball is not a knock off, and you can go ahead and purchase the ball.

    FIFA Approved Soccer Ball

    FIFA Approved Soccer Ball

  • Feel or Surface- Different materials are used to create different balls. Some balls are made to make the ball fly farther, such as the Adidas Euro 2008 Soccer Ball, which was scientifically proven to make the ball fly farther and straighter than a normal, mediocre ball. Well, for me, the best materials to form a ball are the ones below.
  1. Latex- Latex offers nice bounce to it. (f.y.i. Most balls are made with latex)
  2. Butyl- A rare material used in few balls, which is specially designed to keep the ball pumped up with its air retention system.

Diadora Baggio Soccer Ball

Well here you have it. Soccer Equipment Reviews’ Soccer Ball Buying Guide.