Megan Rapinoe wears GSII/Vapor VIII Hybrid

Despite the fact that most women’s soccer goes unnoticed until the WWC and the Olympics (unless Alex Morgan is playing), yesterday’s fixture between the USWNT and Ireland saw most of the US team stepping out in the new ACC Nike footwear. Along with that, The USA’s prized winger Megan Rapinoe gave us one of the most interesting spots that we have seen in a long time (whether it be from a man or a woman). In Portland, at Jeld-Wen field, she showed off an impressive hybrid boot.

As you can see from the pictures, it looks like a typical version of Nike’s newest GS model. Rapinoe shows how valuable she is to the women’s national team and how Nike are starting to gear more marketing towards the female population by being one of a very limited group to be able to step out in the GSII. However, Rapinoe added even more to the surprise because, as you can see in the picture below, her GSII’s have a Vapor VIII soleplate! Now, whether this is a customization that Rapinoe has asked for or whether Nike built this model “just because,” it still is an absolutely one of a kind spot and a one of a kind boot.

A quick thought here is wondering whether Rapinoe’s GSII’s are made of the same material as the “normal” GSII or if she is wearing a disguised Vapor VIII in the way that many of Nike’s premier players did before the Vapor VIII was released. Either way, this is a head-scratching spot and I suppose we may never know the true nature of Rapinoe’s footwear. The current tour that the USWNT is on sees them play several more times in the next few weeks, and we will hope to have further pictures pop-up so that we can catch more glimpses of this boot. (Looks like the fantastic Megan Rapinoe felt our confusion and posted some very clear photos of her boots on Twitter…however, there is still some confusion…)

(Notice the boot customization with custom text and the American flag)
In the picture above, normal GSII soleplate…in the picture below, custom soleplate…GSII with MV VIII soleplate.

In other areas of the pitch, we saw the other stars of the USWNT sporting the recent ACC versions of the silos. With Abby Wambach sporting the Retro/Orange Vapors and with her strike-partner, Alex Morgan, snagging a hat-trick while wearing the new T90 Lasers. Nike has started to show that they are going to make sure their premier women’s teams will be wearing their most high profile products (we have even seen Adidas showwing off their miAdidas campaign with a few of the USWNT veterans). We also saw Lauren Cheney wearing what seems to be a women’s colorway of the Under Armour Hydrastrike.

With word recently breaking that there will be an 8 team women’s professional league in the USA and the growing success of many clubs in Europe, I think that companies would be foolish to not start investing in the women’s game. It also seems that bigger companies are testing the waters of creating unisex uniforms and boots that are available for men and women. The USWNT used to use kits that had different designs and were often times quite unflattering (anyone remember the “nurse kit” from a few years ago?) and now we see the USMNT and USWNT wearing the same hoop design and also the same away kits.

A big question for the male contingent in soccer equipment is the question of whether women specific colorways will become universally available. There have been several instances in recent history where a women’s specific color scheme has been superior to what has been released for the standard version of the boot. Although I am sure that companies are less concerned with the shift of female colorways onto everyone’s boots than their concern to allow more options for the women of the game, it is something to keep an eye on.

(notice the SG-Pro set-up…another feature that Nike and other companies would have hesitant to add to women’s boots in the past)
It is always great to see some equality in sports and, although this may seem trivial considering the fact that we are only talking about boots, the road has been long and hard for the women of footy and I, for one, am glad to see them starting to get the recognition they deserve. I also love the fact that we have been treated to such a fantastic spot…double win!

Is this the greatest spot of the year? Are you a fan of women’s soccer? Have you even made it this far or are you still looking at the Alex Morgan picture?

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  1. Ben Townsend

    You guys seriously need to check out her twitter. She put a super clear picture of the boot.

    • I actually saw those pictures Ben! The crazy thing is, one of the pictures she has shows the GSII with a “normal” GS soleplate and the most recent picture shows it with the MV VIII soleplate…I have no clue what to think!

  2. Max Trew

    from looking at leaked pics of the vapor IX it looks like she’s testing the studs out as the vapor VIII has red studs at the fronts and back, whereas the vapor IXs have orange only only the back studs and the front ones are like the gs.

  3. jesss

    It took me a minute to look at the sg pro set up on hope solo’s boots. Very nice picture.

  4. KingMJ

    The close up picture of the hybrid boots clearly shows the upper from the GSII, so she’s definitely not wearing Vapor IIIXs made to look like the GSII. The most likely explanation is that she prefers the soleplate from the Vapor IIIXs over the soleplate from the GSIIs and thus asked for a custom, hybrid, pair of boots.

  5. Tony D

    That last hybrid pic is definitely the GSII upper with a Vapor sole plate, but the thing that is missing is the usually prominent external heel cup. The rear of the shoe looks exactly like a Vapor VIII. Also, in the shots of her during the game, the studs are different from her twitter pics in that the heel studs are not orange. She’s a hot chick, and a dope footballer, so it looks like Nike outfitted her with a number of different setups for the boot. Eden Hazard wore a pair with the Vapor VIII SG Pro sole plate in his first appearance in the boot so Nike is obviously more than capable of setting the shoe up differently for the pros.

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