adidas Predator Lethal Zones

After the extended launch of the adidas Predator Lethal Zones one zone at a time, adidas have finally unveiled the boot in its full glory. Behold the new adidas Predator LZ, the latest in the most successful boot range in history! Check out our review of the adidas Predator LZ and the Predator LZ SL!

adidas Predator LZ

Designed with five distinctive ‘lethal zones’ to deliver performance, the new Adidas Predator LZ was developed in conjunction with world-class players such as Van Persie (Arsenal FC), Xavi (FC Barcelona), Nasri (Manchester City FC), Nani (Manchester United FC) and Di Maria (FC Real Madrid), who tested and contributed valuable input to the development of the Predator LZ.

adidas Predator LZ

adidas Predator LZ

A newly engineered super-soft upper combines the benefits of leather and synthetic. This type of upper allows the Predator to weigh in at mere 225 grams whilst maintaining the fit and touch of a traditional leather. The upper integrates five zones of SL rubber technology for perfect ball control. The deadliest tool set ever fitted to a boot.

adidas Predator LZ
adidas Predator LZ
The ‘Drive’ zone creates a rebound effect for greater distance and power while the ‘Sweet Sport’ zone generates greater spin and pace. The ‘First Touch’ zone on the forefoot area give immediate ball contact. On the instep of the boot is the pass zone with memory foam and sticky print, designed to increases ball contact time for more precise passing. The ‘Dribble’ zone allows for a large number of quick ball contacts, spaced out to ensure optimum grip.

adidas Predator LZadidas Predator LZ
The outsole has a Sprintframe construction which uses geometrical learnings and offers the perfect balance between lightweight and stability. These Predators provide maximum grip and optimum pressure distribution on firm ground surfaces, thanks to the unique adidas TRAXION™ 2.0 FG stud configuration.

The Predator Lethal Zones joins the AdiZero and AdiPure 11Pro in offering miCoach support and is the first miCoach enabled Predator boot. Players can now track their performance stats such as distance, sprint count and maximum speed, then wirelessly transfer the data to a mobile phone or PC.

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  1. El Patriato

    really everytime i look at it ,it grows more one me!! can’t wait for the review SR so make it happen!!!

  2. emil

    im getting these. @Soccerreviews, do you have any idea if there will be a black colourway released this year as im only allowed to wear black boots? i checked your boot calender, but there was only the SL versions in black. Please reply, thanks.

  3. sick

  4. ale

    I think the dribble is too much on the outside of the boot, I think the pads on ctr360 maestri help better than these on dribling…and it don’t seems to me that the sweet spot can give so much extra spin…however, I am intrigued with these boots and am waiting for a review!

  5. meme goal

    im getting these

  6. Tasos

    Although not exactly what I had in mind as the next predator, adidas never disappoints with the predator line so I will give them a go! When is SR getting them for a review?

  7. im a forward i need something with speed and shot should i get adizeros or these please help

  8. Vaggos


  9. Aly

    I heard they say adidas LZ. Is suitable for dribbling

  10. These boots are amazing didn’t think anyone will ever top up ADIDAS its the best shoes ever the soccer boots….are even better

  11. muhd illyas bin sulaiman

    this boot was terrible

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