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Kicking off your working week in the best possible way, Soccer Reviews has scoured the globe in search of the best boot spots. From the Premier League to the A-League, we’ve gone through this weekend’s action to bring you the latest and greatest boot spots!

Hulk (Porto) – Mizuno Morelia MD

The Mizuno Morelia is one of the most iconic football boots in the world and has a massive following in South America. Yet despite it’s cult status, it doesn’t have the same following in the professional ranks. Hulk is the headline player for the range and, even though he has his own Ultra Light Yellow/Green Morelia, he has opted for the regular White/Green colourway.

Lucas Leiva (Liverpool) – Nike Tiempo Legend IV

Liverpool’s Brazilian midfielder Lucas has added himself to the growing list of players making the switch to the reborn Tiempo range as he’s ditched his CTR360 Maestris in favour for the soft kangaroo leather offered by the Tiempo range. Interestingly, this goes against Nike’s ambitious plan for Nike contracted players, so we’ll see if Lucas makes the switch back to the CTR360 any time soon. Thanks to Anwari for the nudge!

Mohammad Zbida (Syria) – Nike Mercurial Vapor V

We always love a retro Mercurial spot, and this time we’re looking at the radiant Vibrant Yellow Vapor V. When the Vapor V was released, it was the king of the speed boot market as it came in at a light 230 grams (at least it was for back then). Whenever we see a retro Mercurial spot like this, we always wonder why the player does play with them, as they’d be a very valuable collectors item in a few years time!

Ruben Zadkovic (Newcastle Jets) – adidas Copa Mundials (Custom)

This is colour co-ordination to the max! While the regular Copa Mundials would have been a good match with the Jets’ away kit (which is meant to be reminiscent of Newcastle in England), the white laces just look brilliant on the Copa Mundials and provide arguably the best colour co-ordination we’ve seen all year. Zadkovic (and other Newcastle and Adelaide United players) had white laces to mark White Ribbon day in Australia, who aims to raise awareness for violence against women, a more than worthy cause.

Vincent Kompany (Manchester City) – Nike Total 90 Laser III

In the end, the much anticipated Liverpool vs Manchester City was overshadowed with the events off the pitch as everyone was overcome by the death of Gary Speed. Vincent Kompany scored for Manchester City as the Belgian centreback put his team ahead before Lescott’s own goal. Interestingly, Kompany is still wearing the T90 Laser III. Is there something wrong with the durability of the T90 Laser IV that is putting him off?

Abdul Wahab (Bahrain) – Puma V1.10 Lightning SL

We snapped up half Canadian, half Japanese (if you think that’s a weird mix, yours truly is half Japanese, half English!) midfielder Nakajima-Farran in the V1.10 Lightning SL last week, and we were amazed that he’d wear such a precious boot. But it seems he isn’t the only one, as we see Bahrain’s Abdul Wahab in the same boot. The limited edition boot has Swarovski crystals embedded in the heel of the boot and was inspired by Usain Bolt.

Emiliano Bonazzoli (Reggina Calcio) – adidas Predator adiPower SL

Any adidas SL boot spot is special, but adiPower SL spots are always a bit special! While adiPure SL spots seem to happen on a weekly basis, this is only the 3rd time we’ve featured an adiPower SL on the site. Soccer Reviews is expected to have it’s hands on the new adiPower SL very soon, and we’re very intrigued about how the boot will go!

Unknown player (China) – adidas Predator Absolute

From one of the newest Predator boots to a retro one, this is one of two spots today that we aren’t too sure about the player’s name. The Predator Absolute was released way back in 2006, and to this day we still see it as one of the better Predators ever released (then again, there aren’t many bad ones!). While we’re here, does anyone know the name of the player?

Dominique Martinho (AC Cesena) – Nike Mercurial Glide II

So we see Mercurials all over the European leagues, what makes this one different? While most of the professionals are wearing Superflys (and the occasional Vapor), Martinho is wearing the Glide edition, which is three tiers below the Superfly. It’s great to see a professional wearing budget boots like these, proving that even cheaper editions are good enough for the best players.

Armand del Rosario (Kaya Cignal FC) – Mizuno Morelia Neo

A Soccer Reviews boot spotting doesn’t feel right without an unreleased boot spot, so we had to match our quota! Kaya Cignal FC took on Nomads Auction Manila FC in the UFL cup in the Philippines. Soccer Reviews reader Michael Schaefer happened to be playing against Kaya Cignal FC and happened to spot del Rosario in the Morelia Neo. Good luck to Michael for the rest of the tournament!

That’s it for this week’s boot spotting. What was your favourite spot this week? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Jordon is the go-to boot spotting and unreleased boot news writer for Soccer Reviews. Joining the site way back in 2010 (where Soccer Equipment Reviews was not even a blip on the football boot radar), Jordon makes the world famous Soccer Reviews boot spotting and, if there is an unreleased boot, Jordon probably knows about it. Jordon is not looking to make a playing career out of football (he hopes to break into the Australian A-League as a referee within the next 3 years), but he still trains with one of the University of Melbourne football sides where he studies Commerce.


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    the chinese players name is Wu Xi
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  4. I honestly feel this plan is going to fail. No young kid is going to buy the shoe that doesent score the goals. It’s wrong but true. All the boots will be downgraded and the t90’s and vapors will be upgraded. Also what if you just happen to prefer another boot such as lucas?

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    Right back from inter milan was wearing vapor 8 !!! The japanese guy!

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