Wiki(Boot)Leaks: New Adizeros + Two New PowerCats + Dani Alves in AdiPower?

We’ve found two new Adizero Prime colourways which look to be pretty legit, plus two new Puma PowerCats plus we’ve received a tip off that Dani Alves is testing the new AdiPower boot. Let’s get straight into it:

Firstly, we’ve got these Electricity/Infrared/Anodized Purple Adizero Primes. I have to admit, I didn’t think these boots were going to be as bright as they look in these pictures. In saying that, I didn’t think that the boots below were going to look like what I thought they would look like. Maybe because it’s fake or because it’s a prototype means that it looks different. Check back later this week for exclusive SER pictures of these boots!

Next is what I thought was going to be one of the best looking cleats of the year, but it’s not quite what I expected. When I showed these White/Anodized Blue/Slime (Eewwww!) boots last month, I thought it looked absolutely fantastic. While the white and blue look fantastic on these boots, I can’t help but think that the (sigh) ‘slime’ looks too bright on these boots. It still looks pretty classy but the slime kinda ruins it a little. Both of these Adizeros are expected to be released as both synthetic and leather uppers.

Now onto Puma. This first PowerCat colourway, I have to admit, looks very regal and almost luxurious. These Regal Blue/Gold/White PowerCats are the first of two new releases that are expected to be released by Puma in the future. We expect these to be released in either early next month and, if not then, the start of next season.

When I saw these next PowerCats, I immediately thought that Puma had tailored this colourway just for Nemeja Vidic and Michael Carrick. These Red/Silver/Black PowerCats seem like a great match with the Man Utd kit. These boots would be released at the same time as the PowerCats above so it will be either next month or the start of next season.

Finally, we received a tip off from SER reader Raffer that Barcelona full back Dani Alves has been pictured wearing what he believes could be the new AdiPower cleats. He could have a fair shout. A close up on the boot reveals what looks like the PowerSpine on the right boot. Could we see Dani Alves change boots again? He’s worn both the Superflys and the Adizeros this year and it looks like he might change his mind again before the start of the next season. We’ll keep you up to date with what he wears. What do you think they are?

According to AdizeroFan, we’re terrible because we show you guys awesome looking cleats way before the release date. So we’re sorry for that! What do you think of the boots above?

Wiki(Boot)Leaks: The next CR7 Superfly III

Everyone will remember last year that Nike launched a special Safari colourway just for Cristiano Ronaldo (a lot of other people still wore it though). Nike have decided to give their idolised player another boot just for him. And it’s MUCH better than the last one.

While I’m still not sure what it’s going to be called (ie Safari), the new boot just for CR7 is much more subtle. You can tell it’s not a regular Superfly because the print on it is different to the ones we’ve seen on the Superfly III (regularly seen in Wiki(Boot)Leaks articles). Plus it’s a similar print to what was seen on the Safari boot last year.

This isn’t the Superfly version that will be seen on the feet of Cristiano, as this is the Vapor version. But the colourway will still be the same. I’ve been told that Nike will release a special CR7 version of a cleat every year. Although the last one was only 6 months ago, we aren’t expecting to see a new one until next year.

The release date? October. And that’s the absolute latest. I know it seems incredibly late, but the new Superfly III is going to be released pretty soon, which will mean we won’t see any releases until the end of the season. Once the new season starts, there a pair of orange mercurials that I think Ronaldo has to wear. Then the new CR7 boot will be released. It seems that it’s the only time Nike will be able to release it without jeopardising the launch of other Nike cleats.

I really like these boots and I think they could be a huge hit. What do you think of these cleats?

View from the Couch: What is WRONG with referees?

Elbows to the face, potentially season ending slide tackles and double footed slide tackles have been ‘missed’ by referees and have gone without the flash of a red card in a week where FIFA meet to discuss the important topic of snoods. How can FIFA discuss a piece of cloth that is worn by footballers when we can’t even find referees who can’t do their job?

We will always have one controversial refereeing decision every week. Whether it’s a sending off or a penalty, they can be justified. This week, there have been 6 cases of terrible officiating that has brought the game into disrepute, two of them from the same referee in the same game and two in big UCL matches.

The first is probably pretty obvious, Carragher’s scything slide tackle on Luis Nani certainly could have ruled Nani out for the rest of the season, which still isn’t out of the question. Insiders from Man Utd say that there is a real chance their star player of the season won’t be playing due to the injury becoming infected. Carragher certainly could have done more damage, say Martin Taylor on Eduardo three seasons ago or Shawcross on Aaron Ramsay last season.

Surely referee Phil Dowd saw the tackle when he was only yards away? Did he think that the whole Man Utd team came up to Carragher to have a chat about what happened on Coronation Street this week?  You’d have a decent idea that it must be a bad tackle when even Van der Sar comes to complain. He then books Van der Sar for coming over, the same punishment for Carragher who tackles a guy with his studs up and rules him out for a few weeks.


In saying that, Nani made himself look a right idiot by rushing over to the ref and then falling over as if he’d been shot and slappingthe ground in pain. No wonder why Gerrard looked like an aggressive figure standing over him. Maybe the boy who cried wolf had it coming to him. He really didn’t make any fans by doing that.

Only a few minutes later, Rafael’s reckless tackle on Lucas was the catalyst of another confrontation between the teams. Yeah okay so Rafael had a little bit of a harsh challenge only a few seconds earlier with Maxi Rodriguez. That’s still no exuse to go into a double footed slide tackle a few seconds later. Something that the ref (and admittedly I missed while watching the game) was Suarez clearly pulling Rafael’s hair in the aftermath of the incident (the picture below actually shows it). We’ve already seen Suarez bite someone earlier this year for Ajax so the next time any players approach him, I’d be weary of what he could do.

I’ve never rated Phil Dowd as a ref. Sunday’s game fully justified my opinion of him.

The next incident. Robin van Persie, on a yellow card, gets caught offside and referee Massimo Busacca blows his whistle once at the Nou Camp with 95,000 screaming fans. Van Persie, of course, didn’t hear the whistle in a stadium full of screaming fans, and plays on and has a shot on goal. The idiotic referee then books Van Persie for dealying the restart of play and Van Persie gets sent off for his second yellow card. That’s an absolute howler for Busacca.

Surely you’d blow your whistle a few times if play didn’t stop. Plus you never book someone for accidentaly playing on. You are meant to use it if the ball is deliberately kicked away when play has stopped. His error caused Arsenal to lose the game and took the buzz out of a fantastic game of football.

Incident 4. The ‘stray’ elbow returns again. This time, spoilt brat Srna actually gets booked after being elbowed in the face by Daniele De Rossi. Peter Walton ‘booked’ Jordon Mutch in Birmingham’s game against Everton last night without ever showing a yellow card (turns out he left it in the changeroom in the first half, I’m not making that up) And finally, a referee showed Dorchester Town player-manager Ashley Vickers a straight red card when he tackled a streaker wearing a mankiki.

A horror week from the referees point of view. The red card is the worst one. The 7 sending off offences are serious foul play, violent conduct, spitting, denying a team an obvious goal scoring oppurtunity by handling the ball, denying a goal scoring oppurtunity with a foul, using offensive behaviour and receiving a second yellow. How does tackling a streaker (who is not active with the play) receive a red card when one of the seven rules above has been broken?

So what needs to be done? Retroactive punishments for fouls and misconduct needs to be introduced now in England and throughout Europe. So what does it mean? It means that players can be punished for incidents during the game after the final whistle has gone. Just in case referees miss an incident, the FA can still punish a player long after the game has ended.

The problem of officiating still needs to be solved. FIFA can discuss goal line technology and snoods for all they like, but the quality of referees needs to be addressed. How can they do it? Just do what the FFV (Football Federation Victoria) has done to me this year and to other younger referees. They’ve pushed promising officials to have roles in larger games to get used to the pressure in big games. This weekend I’m down to be an assistant in the biggest league in the state (Victorian Premier League).

The FA and FIFA should get promising youth referees to do League 2 games or local derbies in non-League games from the age of 18. Get them used to being in the spotlight of football. By the time that they’re 28, they would be so experienced that they’ll be ready for the world stage. If we can fix the next generation of referees, we won’t have the problem we have right now with referees when the young blood comes through.

Wiki(Boot)Leaks: Total 90 Laser IV + Proper Photos

Days after the Wiki(Boot)Leaks article on the T90 Laser with loads of comments, we’ve finally found a picture that we’re allowed to share with our readers. Introducing the T90 Laser IV.

This Black/Metallic Luster/Tour Yellow colourway is going to be one of the two colourways that will be released in October. The new shooting area for the T90 is now called the ‘Adaptive Shield’. It does seem that the bottom area of the boot will be used for curve, as you can see small, fin like structures. I’m still not sure what the top part of the ‘Adaptive Shield’ is for though. Surely Nike could be a little more imanginative than saying it improves accuracy?

There is also another colourway that will be paired with this one upon the debut of the boots. While we don’t have pictures, it looks a LOT like the Platinum/Orange/Black T90s released earlier this year:

Now that we’ve seen what the T90 Laser IV looks like in colour, what do you think the ‘adaptive shield’ does?

The Zygo Deztruct – The most unique boot of the year?

While I was doing my daily rounds of the Internet tonight, I came across this football boot reincarnation from Zygo that I had to share with the faithful SER readers.

With the Nike T90 Laser, Adidas Predator and Puma Powercat controlling the majority of the market in the power boot field, it’s refreshing to see a company with a different product that are trying to get into the football boot market. Based solely in Australia (actually only about 20 kilometers from my home in Melbourne!) Zygo have come up with a completely unique product to try stake a claim in the football boot market.

The Zygo Deztruct (that’s not a typo) has been described as “a universal kicking boot…suitable for football/soccer, Australian Rules and rugby…” the Deztruct has three different pods on the laces, forefoot and instep. These lightweight pods have patented technology which generates greater energy and power to the ball. These pods act like a spring. They aim to stimulate feel and also aid in ball control through absorbing pace. When kicking the ball, the friction provides grip and accuracy in dry and wet conditions.

With a soft microfibre upper, it allows for further comfort and a good feeling of the ball. The internal TPU heel counter and TPU moulded outsole with rounded studs allow for great traction in dry and wet conditions. All in under 310 grams. Not bad considering the nearest competitor with such a radical power idea is the Concave PT+, which is over 50 grams lighter.

Unlike many other power boots, you can actually see the technology in these boots and it actually makes sense. A spring like pod would actually help power transfer and cushion the ball to aid ball control. Independent testing has also found that the Deztruct delivers over double the amount of grip than all but one of the leading market competitors (presumably the Predator, T90 Laser and Powercat) in wet and dry conditions.

I’m incredibly curious about these boots. Keep checking with SER as I try and find out more information about these cleats from Zygo. Unfortunately for our European and American readers, Zygo have made a shrewd decision and have decided to try their luck in the Australian market before going overseas. What do you think of these boots?

France 2011 Away Kit

‘Vive le Football Libre’ has been continued with the release of the new France away kit for 2011 after Nike became the new manufacturers for the France football team. And you really couldn’t get more French…

Does it remind you of a sailors shirt? Well Nike have taken inspiration from le marinière (is it le or la? I haven’t spoken French in 4 years!) The marinière appeared as the uniform of French sailors in the 19th century and worn by civilians from the 20th century. It’s now a big a symbol for France like French sticks and berets.

The France football kit has a tailored fit that allows for a freedom for movement on the pitch. Plus with Dri-Fit technology and soft cotton, players are kept cool and comfortable. The kit is also made from microfiber polyester, which was made from recycled plastic bottles and is Nike’s most environmentally sustainable kit yet.

While the kit didn’t look great the first time I saw it, it starts to grow on you and I have to admit the thin hoops make the kit look pretty classy and undeniably French, something that we sometimes don’t see in national kits these days. Nike must be commended for their latest effort and it looks so much better than when Adidas used to make the French kits. And that’s coming from a guy who’s half English!

The kit can be pre-ordered from March 11 and go on general sale from March 26. What do you think of the latest football kit from Nike?

Boot spotting: 7th of March 2011

Here’s some unique boot spotting from various football games around the world this weekend.

Kevin Doyle (Wolverhampton)

Doyle scored a brace this weekend wearing the White/Black/Team Gold Puma King colourway in his side’s game against Tottenham.

Luis Suarez and Dirk Kuyt (Liverpool)

We had to include the two men who demolished Man Utd’s title chances on the weekend. Suarez wore the leather Warning/Black Adizeros as he mesmerised the Man Utd defence throughout the game. While Kuyt wore the Black/Running White/Electricity Predators as he scored three tap ins for the Reds.

Carlos Tevez (Manchester City)

It seems Tevez is still reluctant to wear the new CTR 360 II as he was pictured wearing the Blue/White/Black CTR 360 Maestri. Personally, the new White/Black/Blue CTR 360 Maestri II would be a great match with the Manchester City kit and we could see the Argentine change boots soon.

Matt Fryatt (Hull City)

Fryatt is one of the few players that I’ve seen wearing the Mizuno Wave Ignitus in England. I actually think he’s the only Englishman I’ve seen wearing the Mizuno Wave Ignitus. A largely understated boot, Fryatt scored in their 1-0 win over Nottingham Forest as they aim to make a late run into the top 6 in the Championship.

Giampaolo Pinzi (Udinese Calcio)

A unique boot spotting from Italy as Udinese took on Bari. Giampaolo Pinzi wore these blue Asics. Asics are very rarely seen in most European countries and are more popular in Italy and among AFL footballers in Australia.

Paolo Cannavaro (Napoli)

Another unique boot spotting from the Italian leagues. I’m not even sure what brand of boot Cannavaro is wearing here. I’ll leave it up to the SER community to decide.

Akos Buzsaky (QPR)

I have no idea what these are. The cross hatching on the upper suggests it could be a Ronaldinho Dois boot. But there aren’t signs of it being a Nike boot. I’ll let you guys decide again!

That’s it for this week’s boot spotting. What do you guys think the two boots above are?

Wiki(Boot)Leaks: Total 90 Laser IV! (I told you it was coming!)

Even though all but one of our writers have gone on holidays, it doesn’t mean that the articles get worse while they are gone. I predicted it was coming in the boot calendar, and I’ve seen the first prototype of the new boot.

Unfortunately, I’ve been told by the owner of the prototype to not release photos of the boot. While I’ve got pictures on my computer, I’ve been told that posting the photos would be a breach of trust between me and my source and they also said that the Australian Federal Police will break down my door and demand my arrest. While I doubt the second part, I’m trying to negotiate with them to have the photos posted. I can even tell you the boots are located on the West coast of America in California.

I can, though, tell you what is different about it. It’s a huge difference from the T90 Laser III. The fins and the pods are all gone. They’ve even changed the material of the boot and, for some reason, the soleplate (not the studs) is different.

It’s very hard to describe what it looks like, but I’ll try my best to describe the new shooting area. The shape of the shooting area starts from just below your ankle, then follow the top of the boot right down to where the laces end. That’s the top part. The side closest to the toe runs down to about the 2nd stud of the boot. This reaches about 5 cm down the bottom of the boot and eventually returns to where it start. The picture below is the approximate area of the shooting area on my pair of Tiempos. The area near the toe isn’t how I wanted it to come out but it looks like this:

The area within the lines is extremely hard to describe. The picture below sort of shows what it does look like:

The bottom area are bars that go up to the laces, with thinner lines that go from the toe to the heel of the area shown below. This area definitely looks like it could generate huge amounts of curve and it’s probably replacing the fins on the current Laser III. The area above it contains thin, triangular like shapes reaching from left to right, meeting up with the continuation of the lines from the bottom of the boot. I’m not sure what this area would actually do but it will be gimicked as something to improve your accuracy.

It also appears that the synthetic upper of the T90s are gone. It looks like the prototype has been replaced with Kanga-Lite, featured on the CTR 360 series. The soleplate also contains two lines approximately 2 cm wide reaching from the studs on the back of the foot (on both sides) to around the second stud on the front of the boot on both sides, forming an X shape. It’s different and something I don’t think I’ve seen before and we’ll learn closer to the release date about what it actually does.

I know the pictures are extremely crude but I tried my best to show you what it looks like. If there’s one thing that struck me when I first saw the images, it reminds me a lot of what you’d see on a Predator boot. I’ll keep up the negotiations with my source and the minute they give me the green light, I’ll post the images up. I can tell you though the images are somewhere on the internet. While I don’t want to give away the website, anyone who knows where they can find images of upcoming boots will be able to find the acutal pictures (and if you do, please don’t post the link within the comments section).

While most of the team are on holidays, I might be able to get a post up every two or so days. Meanwhile, I’ll keep talking to my source and try and get the pics up. What do you want to see on the new T90’s?

SER on Hiatus

Over the next week, the majority of the SER Team will be scattered around the world, from as far as doing service in Indonesia to enjoying culture in Spain. We did have to leave a couple of members behind in order to keep the site up to date, so Jordon will be holding down the fort for the next seven days. He’ll try his best to inform you, the viewers of all the latest comings and goings in the world of football and football products.

We wanted to let you know so you wouldn’t be alarmed with our lack of posts, so rest assured we will once again post frequently once we’re back home (in a week’s time), but as for now you’ll have to make do with Jordon’s opinions (not that that is a bad thing to be stuck with by any means!). If you need to get in touch over the next week, or just want to share something, you can reach Jordon at [email protected]

One thing to look forward to after we come back is the launch of I can personally guarantee that the new site is a complete upgrade from the current one, and in short, absolutely blows it away! I know we’ve been talking about the new site for a while now, but the designer wants everything to be perfect when the site is launched, which is the reason for the delay. Stay tuned as we’ll have lots of giveaways and competitions at the launch.

Thanks for your continued support of the site; it wouldn’t be possible to run it without you!

Adidas Predator X Blackout; the Last Colorway

SoccerPro have a knack for releasing information on new unreleased boots, as demonstrated by their listing of the Adidas adiPure SL, and they keep up their streak by telling us the blackout colorway of the Predator X will be the last of the model.

While you don’t have to watch the whole video, if you skip to the end, you will hear her say that this will be the last colorway of the Predator X range. They further confirm this by saying in the video description, “The last Predator X is here! With it being the last one ever offered from adidas, it sure did go out with style. The black on black color design is one of our personal favorites.”

The reason I am posting this is that it adds fuel to the speculation that the Adidas adiPower will be released sooner rather than later. New colorways for the Predator X came out every couple of months, and if Adidas hold true to that time frame, the adiPower could be released in May.

We’ve already been caught by surprise with the news that the adiPure SL will be coming out in April; so what do you think? Will Adidas release the adiPower earlier than expected?

adiPure SL Available for Preorder on seem to have a habit of putting unreleased boots up for pre-order. They did it a couple of months ago with the adiPower Predator and have done it again with the adiPure SL. If what Soccerpro says is true, surprisingly the SLs should be released in May. This doesn’t make much sense as it would be near the end of the season in Europe, meaning it would tougher to advertise the boots on field.

The one thing that strikes me about these photos is the amount of extras that Adidas are offering! Normally Nike is the company that dominates in the extras department but it seems Adidas have really gone all out for the SLs. The bag and the cloth are apparent, but I’m not really sure what the other two items are. These extras seem to point towards the slight possibility of the SLs being limited edition.


“If you think the adidas adiPure IV is a good boot, then wait until you see the new adidas adiPure IV SL. It’s the newer, faster, version of the adiPure!

What does SL stand for? Maybe “Soft Leather”? Is it “Stunning Looks”? How about “Super Light”? Yep, that’s the one! SL stands for Super Light, so now you can be faster than ever in your new adidas adiPure IV SL!

UPPER: The upper is made with 100% ultra soft, lightweight, K-Leather. Do you know what this means? Better fit, more comfortable, and a great, natural ball feel. The one touch construction in the vamp offers less water uptake, a softer feel, and a more breathable upper. Not to mention, the premium soft lining features anti-slip finishing. That means you will have the best comfort and fit available in a pair of adidas soccer cleats!

MIDSOLE: The adidas adiPure SL comes with a cushioned sockliner, that is ergonomically pre-molded to offer more comfort. Plus, the X-Static treatment within the shoe helps regulate temperature to keep your foot cool and comfortable.

OUTSOLE: The outsole uses Sprint Frame construction. This is more lightweight that your typical outsole, but it is still stable through its geometric shape. The outsole uses less layers and no insole board, so the outsole provides all of the shoe’s stability. The triangular studs, with a TRAXIONâ„¢ sidewall, maximizes acceleration, breaking, and turning, while enhancing performance by evenly distributing forces.

It’s stable, it’s comfortable, it’s light, it’s fast, it’s the new Super Light adidas adiPure IV SL!”

The pre-order price is $249.99 USD, so a little cheaper than we expected but still pretty expensive none the less.

Personally, the imminent arrival of the adiPure SL is one of, if not the most exciting release of the year and I can’t wait. You can be sure we’ll have a review up of the boots, but in the meantime, what do you think? Leave your comments in the section below.

The Daily Planet: City Suspend Toure After Positive Test Results

The 29 year old centre-back has been withdrawn from Manchester City’s first team squad after failing a drug test conducted sometime this month. The Ivorian international could be out of action for a long period of time, stretching anywhere from a few months to a year.

Kolo Toure In An Interview

A quote on City’s official website confirmed the reports. “Manchester City confirm that the FA has informed Kolo Toure that an sample provided by him has tested positive for a specified substance. As a result of this, he has been suspended from participating in all first team and non-first team matches pending the outcome of the legal process.”

Kolo Toure Applauds His Teammates

The Manchester City centre-back will miss Saturday’s clash with Wigan, and possibly the rest of the season, should the FA decide to deal out a harsher punishment.

View from the Couch: Outspoken Fergie Needs to Learn to Shut Up

Another week, another Ferguson whinge. It seems like a weekly event where EPL managers (Ferguson one of the biggest culprits) come out and publicly attack and scrutinize the performance of referees. Managers need to keep quiet and simply let officials do their job.

After the Chelsea-Man Utd spectacle on Tuesday evening, Ferguson had to come out and criticize referee Martin Atkinson about a penalty decision that didn’t go his way. Is it a part of Fergie’s flawed personality that means that he has to criticize someone about his team losing? It seems that the easiest person to blame would be the officials right? It’s true. But it’s so wrong.

He's probably thinking about who to blame in the press conference after the draw against Marseille game

That’s it. I’m going to do something you hardly ever see in the media. I’m defending the referees.

Admittedly, EPL referees haven’t made all of the right decisions at the moment. Rooney should have been red carded for his wayward elbow on Cleverley against Wigan on the weekend. But Smaling’s foul on Zhirkov was a definite penalty. Smaling went for the tackle, missed the ball and collected the player. Simple foul, and the correct decision was awarded.

The decision that turned the EPL title race on it's head

Let’s change the scenario. Say Zhirkov had the ball 35 yards out and Smaling collected Zhirkov instead of the ball. A foul was given and Lampard steps up and scores. 2-1. And Ferguson wouldn’t complain. It would have been a foul inside the box and outside the box. Because it’s such a big decision, Ferguson thinks that he actually has something to blame for his side losing. Cue Ferguson fuming about the referee after the game in his post match press conference.

Why can’t Ferguson admit that both teams played well and that his team were simply upstaged by a more resilient Chelsea in the second half? The papers the next morning should have been on what was a fantastic game of football, not on a Scot crying about the refereeing.

Thankfully, Ferguson was later fined for his outburst. He’s been given a 2 week touchline ban against Arsenal in the FA cup tie at Old Trafford next Saturday and the following weekend’s EPL tie against Bolton due to an outburst against referee Alan Wiley last season. He also faces a further ban added onto that if he is suspended for his words against Martin Atkinson.

Chelsea celebrate David Luiz's equaliser

After years of watching EPL, I’ve come to understand who are the good referees and who shouldn’t be anywhere near the pitch. Since I got my refereeing license last season, I’ve come to appreciate some referees even more than ever.

I can honestly say that Martin Atkinson is one of the best referees in the top flight. Fergie has no right to say that he “feared the worst” when he saw Atkinson was appointed for the Chelsea vs Man Utd game. If Atkinson wasn’t a good referee, why has he been an EPL referee since 2005, appointed to many derbies and top 4 games and officiated in some of the biggest profile games including the FA cup final?

Is that Vidic headbutting Atkinson?

Andre Marriner is another referee who must be commended for his work on the pitch. Howard Webb is also one of the best referees in the world at the moment.

Refereeing is the most thankless job in football. Referees have had to give up the enjoyment of playing the game plus are in the middle of a constant barrage of complaining players, coaches, media and fans.

I’ve been belittled, criticized, scrutinized, abused. I can keep going on. And I only referee at a state level. Assistant referees and 4th officials are the ones that must continually face the criticism. Imagine always hearing constant bickering and abuse behind your back as you run down the touchline if you make a tough decision, especially if it’s against the home team. If you make a wrong decision, it feels like scoring an own goal or missing an open goal (Voronin would know all about that)

Managers and players need to understand what referees go through before they complain about them in the post match press conference. Referees have to think in the back of their mind that their decisions will be dissected by millions of people around the world (including me). People also see the actions of spoilt players and arrogant managers and think it’s okay for them to do the same thing at a local level. It passes onto kids who have egos that make them think they have the world at their feet and they think it’s okay to criticize the referee, just because he saw Rooney do it on the weekend. The next time you’re at a game, just think about it before you say something at the referee.

Rooney approaches the referees after the game


Wiki(Boot)Leaks: Two adiZero ii/Prime Colourways & Blacked Out Sample!

First off, a huge thanks to Yanis Hammiche for sending these images to us. The images he sent us are of two unreleased adiZero colourways and a really nice blacked out sample. Also, you should know that these are SER exclusive images; ones you can’t find anywhere else!

Purple/Warning/Yellow Leather

We first showed you this colourway back in January, but this is the first time we’ve had pictures of the actual product. As you can probably tell, this is the adiZero II leather. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of this colourway as I think it looks a bit tacky.

In the next image, the boots look a bit awkwardly shaped but this is because Yanis has put a shoe horn into the boots.

Blue/Electricity/White Prime

You may remember these boots from a couple weeks ago when Ben posted about these. This colourway makes the adiZero Prime look almost mermaid-esque.

Blacked Out Sample

We’ve saved the best for last, an incredible looking blacked out sample pair of adiZero Primes. Unfortunately, if the original adiZero black outs are anything to go by, we won’t be seeing an official release of blacked out Primes/IIs for quite some time.

Once again thanks to Yanis Hammiche for these images. If you’ve found something cool that you’d like to share with us use the ‘Contact Us’ form or drop a comment.

Which of these colourways do you like the most? Leave a comment in the section below.

SER Barca Experience

For a week (March 5th to 12th), most of the SER team will be traveling around the world, and James will be heading to Spain to test out the football fever on the Iberian peninsula!

This coming Saturday, I will be at the Nou Camp watching Barcelona play Real Zaragosa. If that isn’t cool enough, the next day I also get a tour of the biggest stadium in Europe, the Nou Camp (Camp Nou). I will be taking pictures of my adventure and checking out the Barca Super Store to see what exclusive products they are selling!

A couple days after I will be heading to Madrid and checking out the Real Madrid Super Store at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu and once again checking out the exclusive memorabilia you can get there.

Unfortunately, this means for the upcoming week our posts will not be as frequent, but we will still be writing as much as we possibly can.