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K-Active Tape Review

We all suffer from muscular aches/pains as well as general discomfort picked up through the odd knock sustained during a match. Some are also unfortunate enough to have their game impacted by an injury they suffered long ago. Is K-Active Tape the remedy to all of the above? Read on to hear our verdict on the matter.

What is this tape and what does it do?

Kinesiology tape is a cotton strip with an acrylic adhesive that is used for treating athletic injuries and a variety of physical disorders. Once the tape has been applied accordingly, the friction between the acrylic adhesive and the skin causes the adhesive layer to conform to the skin as a result of the heat that is generated. From here, the adhesive elevates the layer of skin from the targeted muscle(s) and allows any inflammation, swelling and pain of the muscle(s) to subside due to the “breathing” barrier created between the skin and muscle(s) by the lifting effect of the kinesiology tape on the skin.


Applying the tape couldn’t be any easier. Depending on the type of tape – you have pre-cut sets for certain muscle groups as well as the standard roll – you opt for, you simply remove the film lining from the adhesive, and apply the underside of the tape containing the adhesive to the targeted area of skin. Once on the skin, rub the tape so that friction can occur between the adhesive layer and your skin, allowing it to react due to influx of heat. Voila, you have now successfully applied the kinesiology tape!

The tape can literally be applied to any part of the body where the issue(s) is occurring and for those with sensitive skin: don’t worry; you will not suffer any allergic reactions to the adhesive found on kinesio tape.

During Performance

Sporttape were kind enough to provide me with two of their groin pre-cuts for our review. Now – a bit of background here – I tore my groin well over a year ago, and since suffering the tear, I feel that after a while of playing, the area where I suffered the tear alternates between feeling weak and almost empty to tight with the occasional twinge. This is probably a result of the fact that I never consulted a physio about conditioning my groin during the healing process, coupled with the fact I played football at times when my tear had not fully healed… oops.

Anyhow, once you’re up and about with the tape on you, you can really feel its grip on your skin. You will be inclined to think that due to the tight grip, your range of movement will be restricted… but that most definitely is not the case. In fact, the tight support it produces provides you with a sense of security which is pleasant to have. I must add that with the tape on, I resorted to passing the ball which used a variety of leg motions and I even attempted to pluck a high ball out of the air with my leg at its full stretch. During that moment, I could felt the dreaded stretch of my abductor muscle, but a few minutes of walking around saw it disappear.

I’d like to think that the kinesio tape’s medical properties aided me on that one, as without the tape, I would have most certainly tweaked a muscle during that moment.With that situation aside, I can truthfully say that I felt no niggling occurrences in my groin at all when I wore both pre-cuts on separate occasions. The support the tape provides really gave me that extra ounce of confidence to burst up and down the pitch whilst making difficult passes and 50/50 tackles.

After Performance

In addition to aiding your performance during play, the kinesio tape also aids your recovery in the aftermath of your exercise. As your muscles replace the oxygen debt during resting periods, fatigue and niggling issues can occur with your muscles. The therapeutics of the tape aids in reducing the chances of the above occurring due to the enhanced breathing barrier it has created. I certainly felt raring to go the day after I wore the tape in a football session, so it seems to add credit to that theory.

Sporttape’s K-Active Tape can last up to a week after the initial application, and yes, it is waterproof! That means you can leave it on for a lengthy period of time. However, I personally discovered that a few edges would begin to peel away after the third day and as such, I removed the tape completely. Removing the tape is no issue at all – unless you have really hairy legs – and no marks are left on the skin after its removal. It’s as clean and simple as it can get.

Our Verdict

A solid and resounding 8/10.

Overall, kinesiolgy tape seems to live up to its “magical” billing by indeed limiting the chance of wear and tear of respective muscles. As mentioned above, I suffered none of my usual issues that I normally incur when I applied my pre-cut K-Active Tape!

It provided me with the reassurance that I would not fall victim to the usual discomforts instigated by my groin issue and I could not fault it on its medically therapeutic features as it seemed to work its fabled magic.

Our negative issue is the fact that it can’t be worn for as long as it states on the packaging and that if the tape is not properly applied (smoothly and precisely) it easily begins to peel.

We must thank Kate-Anne Kelly at http://www.sporttape.co.uk for making this K-Active Tape review possible and we hope that you, the viewers, can be enlightened by this review. If you are indeed considering purchasing a roll or pre-cut – available in a variety of colours – http://www.sporttape.co.uk will fulfil your needs.