Vincent Kompany Training in Warrior Sports Prototype Boot

Nothing piques our interest like a blackout boot spot, but Vincent Kompany has us beyond intrigued with his recent footwear choice. We have reason to believe that the Belgian and Manchester City captain is sporting Warrior Sports’, Liverpool’s new kit supplier, first prototype football boot.

Kompany Training in Warrior Sports Skreamer K-Lite


The Manchester City manager, Roberto Mancini, has his players on an intense training regimen in the Alps in an effort to get them fit to start defending their crown when the Premier League season kicks off in around a month’s time. His inspirational captain who won the Premier League Player of the Year last campaign wearing Nike T90 Laser IVs appears to be experimenting with Warrior Sports’ up and coming boot. If the American manufacturer could manage to land Kompany’s services and signature, it would be a massive coup for the new brand.

Warrior Sports Skreamer K-Lite

Luckily for us, we were also able to see an image of Manchester City’s boots on display, and tucked away inconspicuously (or rather conspicuously…) in the bottom corner are the blackout Warrior Sports football boots. Reports on the internet have surfaced regarding Warrior Sports’ new product, and we have reason to believe that it will be a lightweight kangaroo leather boot (with an official weight of 192 grams being passed around) called the Warrior Sports Skreamer K-Lite.

You can be sure that we will keep you updated on Vincent Kompany’s footwear as well as the new Warrior Sports football boots. As for now, leave a comment below. What do you think? A good or bad move from Warrior Sports to attempt to move into the football boot market so quickly and suddenly? Also, would it be nice to see a star like Kompany sporting a less known boot, or would you rather him stick to one of the ‘Big Three’s’ products?

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  1. cool guy


  2. anwari14

    i think it’s great news for warrior and i am happy kompany has chosen to wear these boots. of course as a liverpool fan i am biased but getting a new brand more power just makes everything more exiting. just where the heck are they getting all this money from?!?!?!?

  3. anwari14
  4. Mike

    HAHA warrior sports … poor liverpool and poor Kompany

    • marc massena

      poor kompany? he’s getting payed to wear the boots. an probably more than nike payed which is why he no longer wears them.

      • Mike

        It’s “paid” and some things in life aren’t purely a question of money my friend!

        • marc massena

          okay but don’t feel bad for a man getting PAID handsomely to do what he is doing.

          • Mike

            Isn’t that a great thing about life? We get to determine how we feel about things. I’m rather more amused than feeling bad for the record.

  5. Interesting, very interesting

  6. milos

    Im just curious as to how you guys jumped to the conclusion that they’re warrior boots?

    • Jordon English

      Hey Milos,

      We have seen prototypes of the Warrior Sports Skreamer K-Lite going around, and they seem to match the patterns seen on Kompany’s boots. We are pretty confident that it is definitely a Warrior Sports boot

  7. Despite already having published recently on the model Skreamer K-Lite, I believe that the prototype tested by Kompany is not the Skreamer K-Lite, as it has a final version of the model.
    I believe that the prototype tested by Kompany is another model, yet to be released by Warrior Sports as the standard rubber leather in no way resembles Skreamer K-Lite, which have leather upper.
    Well, it’s wait and see…

  8. Jose Reyes

    I love the way the boots look from the link posted by “anwari14”. They look pretty amazing and I actually want a pair right now. I always tell my friends that I want a k-leather boot that looks more modern and this seems to fit the mould. So gonna save for these.

  9. Nick Hernandez

    Who knows! it could be a new Nike T90 Boot or new silo

  10. great boots

  11. Jim
  12. Hunter

    Any release date on when they will be available to the public?

  13. Woldstad

    Looks like a decent boot.

  14. Alex Barry

    any idea of a release date?

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