US Youth Soccer Goal and Save of the Year Voting

While it might not be the Puskas nominations, we wanted to share with you the top ten goals and saves of the year nominations for US Youth Soccer. Thanks to Soccer Reviews reader Steve Prince for sharing this with us.

Goal of the Year



Save of the Year


After receiving numerous worthy submissions, US Youth Soccer has narrowed the field down to 10 Goal of the Year and 10 Save of the Year official nominees. The general soccer community now has the chance to determine the 2012 winners in each category through an online voting process at beginning on January 7 at 9 a.m. ET.The voting will close at noon on Jan 15.


Winners for the 2012 Goal and Save of the Year will be announced at the US Youth Soccer Awards Gala in Indianapolis Friday, Jan. 18, and live via Twitter (@USYouthSoccer).


Note: Results are hidden and voting is limited by IP address to allow only multiple votes per IP address but not allowing unlimited voting.


The above were the Goal and Save of the Year Nominations. Go here to vote:
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