Wayne Rooney Spotted in Nike HyperVenom, Lampard Makes Surprise Switch to Adidas Nitrocharge

Adidas has revealed it’s hand of boots two weeks ago, but it is now Nike’s turn to reveal what they hope will be their trump card. After months of speculation, the day is finally here for the launch of the new Nike HyperVenom. But in a rather annoying development, Nike have delayed the revealing of the boot until 7 pm GMT (even though they originally scheduled the reveal for Monday). It has not, however, stopped Rooney bringing out the HyperVenom ahead of it’s official launch, making him the first athlete we have seen training in a proper version of the boot.

Rooney Hypervenom spread photo

The Nike HyperVenom has arguably been one of Nike’s worst kept secrets of all time. It all started with Neymar wearing a blackout version of the boot, and we instantly knew there was something a little different about this mysterious blackout boot. We knew it could not have been a Mercurial, but we did not expect it to be the boot that would replace the much loved T90 range. The boot is still aimed at strikers, but there is now a greater emphasis on movement and agility. Not only that, Nike will also be bringing NikeSkin to the table, which will provide “a great fit” and “an instinctive finish” (their words, not mine!).

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While all the other Nike athletes (including Danny Wellbeck, Robert Lewandowski and head honcho Neymar) have patiently seen out the embargo on the boots and refrained from bringing them out ahead of the actual release of the boot, England striker Wayne Rooney may have got a touch too excited ahead after receiving his new HyperVenoms earlier this week. Rooney brought out the new boots ahead of the official unveiling of the boot, and it gives us a great idea of what the launch colourway of the boot looks like on the pitch.

Rooney Hypervenom 2 edited

The distinctive orange and black boots will be the headline launch colour way for the new Nike HyperVenom range, and England’s friendly on June the 2nd against Brazil has been earmarked as the fixture where the Nike HyperVenom will be worn on the pitch for the first time. But prior to seeing Rooney testing out blackout models of the boot, we raised a few questions over what Rooney would wear once the T90 range would be demolished. It was hard to imagine Rooney out of anything that is not a T90, but it seems Rooney has been forced into the lighter HyperVenom to headline the boot alongside stars such as Neymar, Lewandowski, Gomez and Higuain.

Rooney Hypervenom 3 edited

However, there was one spot that raised the eyebrows of Soccer Reviews staff members from the photos released of England’s recent training session at St.George’s Park. We spotted Frank Lampard training in a pair of adidas Nitrocharge boots, a switch we definitely did not see coming. The midfielder has been a long time endorser of the adidas adiPure range, but in a very surprising move, the midfielder has made a switch to the new ‘energy’ boot. Lampard has always been a fan of leather boots, but it is very surprising to see Lampard wearing the synthetic Nitrocharge. We will definitely be keeping an eye out for updates, but if the boots help Lampard score more 50 yard lobs like he did in training the other day, we might see the Chelsea legend stick to the Nitrocharge a little longer!

Frank Lampard Nitrocharge edited

What do you guys think of the new HyperVenom? And did you expect to see Lampard trialling the adidas Nitrocharge? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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