Wiki(Boot)Leaks: New CR7 Superflys Prematurely Reach Stores!

The new eccentrily coloured Cristiano Ronaldo Superflys have been prematurely spotted on the shelves on a Nike Town in Seattle. Thanks to reader Sun Jin Hwang we were able to get our hands on some pictures of the new boots and man are they… Different! 

Nike have gone way out of the realm of ordinary colourways and have plunged into the unknown with this latest CR7 signature Superfly. The two different designs will prove to be the flashiest boots ever seen on pitch and will match perfectly with the character of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The instep features a rather regular design but it’s on the other side of the boot where Nike have seemingly gone crazy, but as you will soon see with the Predator D5s, adidas have also gone a bit loco. Personally, this is one of the worst colourways Nike have released in a while, but that’s just my opinion. I’m sure, as with any ridiculous release Nike come out with there will be a loyal following that absolutely love them.

According to our boot calendar, this boot is slated to be released next month, so it shouldn’t be too long till we see an official release of this latest pair of Superflys. Are you a fan of this latest colourway? Leave your impressions in the section below.

About Isaac Abraham

Isaac joined what was then Soccer Equipment Reviews in 2010 in need of a new pair of boots after losing his trusty adiPure III in a taxi - he has been writing for the site ever since. Based in Hong Kong, he is always on the lookout for unreleased boot spots, as well as new releases and generally interesting stories to cover.


  1. maxwell

    personally, i love this colorway. will going to get them once released in store.

  2. freaking nice design. but i still prefer the old safari.

  3. Bryan

    I only like the pink studs and the pink Nike swoosh, nt too sure about the stripes though. @SoccerReviews totally agree with you on the Predator D5’s !!! Looked like someone spent alot on highlighting.

  4. Martin

    i like it

  5. Augustine

    I thought Nike scrapped the Nikesense studs in the new mercurials?

    • Isaac

      These aren’t the Vapor VIIIs, these are still the Superfly IVs we’re talking about. But yes, the sense studs will be scrapped in the VIIIs

  6. Green Ape

    It’s orange and not pink though in this image it does look pink..

  7. Shane

    I’m sorry, did the tag on the insole say FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS?

  8. El Patriato

    nahhhh…….thz won’t do it for me…….it’s kinda cheap looking!!!

  9. Yaseen

    To my disbelief, these look an uber amount better then the leaked images shone earlier! But then again there superflies this time… As Shane mentioned, these things are $400, so on top of the horrendous look (personally i like them, i am just refering to the majority of football fans) these things are freaking expensive, so i predict these things will not sell…
    Oh and one more thing, i think they are going to be released on the el classico, and you know who is gonna where them.

  10. Nick

    I love these, reminds me of the vapor sl

  11. whitecapsfc

    when have superfly’s not been $400 yaseen? gaurentee they sell, i’ll have a pair for sure!!!

    • Yaseen

      Yes but when have they ever been this controversial looking, so if you put the price and the look together, you get a product that will only be appealing to a minority. If you get my drift…

  12. ronnie

    lookin good I reckon go CR7 & and boots!!

  13. charly

    i like the inside of the boot. the out side is just so ugly

  14. Woldstad

    Not a fan…

  15. mikeC

    They look better than the white/black safaris…

  16. LOCO!

  17. Kun

    I thought there wasnt going to be superfly IV

  18. Xavier Scott

    laces shouldnt be silver, they should be the colour of the dark stripes.

  19. Raffer

    It brings back memories of the all-carbon Vapors, that Ronaldo wore in a CL final.

  20. Mr IWantTheseBoots

    Everyones saying how suprised they are at the price tag but most people dont by the most expensive version. Im gonna defenitly get a pair of these for around £35-£60. There sick!

  21. manolo

    k pasada!!! a mi me encantan y las voy a comprar en cuanto salgan

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