Wiki(Boot)Leaks: Total 90 Laser IV Catalog Specs & New CTR+Vapor Colorways

SER are here to give you an exclusive look at the new Nike Total 90 Laser IV’s specs, with the boot set to release towards the end of the year.


What do you think of these new boots from Nike?

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  1. Ryan

    When will the yellow vapors come out?

  2. diego uzziel

    adipowers better ,,,,,so far!!!!!!!!

  3. Juan

    t90 iv are ugly

  4. Nick

    T90’s = fail

  5. Liam

    I think the Mercurial Superfly iii have been such a let down, the SFI weighted about 185g, and they actually made it weigh more on the SF2, and now with the adizero prime weighing 145g. I was thinking nike would have a boot to compete with the weight, but instead just put a flashier colour on it! So disappointed…

  6. Nasir Ali

    Why does Nike always do this, the initial colourway for the CTRs is always amazing. But th colourways that come out later on are always so ugly. They should come up with better colour combinations.

  7. I do like the new CTR colorway, but it seems way to close to the current white and blue colorway.

  8. Ramsey

    T90s look crap

  9. Sebbe

    T90 with Kangalite?!?

  10. Pras

    Can some one tell whether if the superfly is made in Italy or not??

    • Jordon

      Hey Pras,

      Ppfftt. Good joke. Surely you’d make it in China or Indonesia or an Asian country where the labour costs are probably less than a quarter than what they would be in Italy. The again, it would justify why Superflys are so expensive if they are made in Italy 😉

  11. klay rose

    are the t90s synthetic?!

  12. Woldstad

    It will take a lot of getting used to, but the new t90’s do look pretty slick.

  13. Jp23

    The yellow vapors will be out around fall 10/01/2011

  14. fizz

    It’s interesting that instead of offering a genuine K-Leather option, there are two synthetic options now!

  15. Yuda

    Dude eventhough vapor 3-4 heavier than the superfly and prime I will love to wear them again instead of superfly and prime. Weight is wise, good control and traction. I bet even if ya wear the prime ya won’t have Messi’s skills :p

    And the t90 4 looks like nike 5 bomba finale to me.. nice try by Nike but IMA stick w/ vapor 3 and 4

  16. AdizeroFan

    Do the yellow vapors look a little something like this?

    This site also shows all the future colors of the Superfly III.

  17. Ryan

    The T90’s will need a bit of time getting use to but at least nike tried to change the boots unlike the SF3 and Vapor 7’s

  18. @AdizeroFan

    do you know if is a trustworthy site? their colours look fishy – anyone ever ordered product from them?

    doesn’t look quite legit

  19. D. Manning

    jPizzo, that site is a definite fake, any site involving mercurial in it is most probably a gimmic.

    Pras and Jordon they used to make all nike vapors in Italy(I know for a fact the vapor 3’s), there is a chance they still make them there.

  20. Gooner

    Will the Kangalite t90 be able in elite version?

  21. wirawan

    total 90 is ugly

  22. cit96AdizeroVapor

    Likin these boots…T90s are weird but nice in some ways.

  23. cit96AdizeroVapor

    Instep looks good on the T90s, similar thing to SF3 and MV7 with bright colours and funny angles.

  24. Myself

    I still have to say that the first and second generation T90 Lasers are the best. I have the second generation and I will never give them up for the new ones.

  25. Kevin

    Idiots, try on the shoe before judging it. It’s by far more comfortable then any t90 before it and lighter. Made from top quality material and granted that the colors aren’t that good, still the best. Try it on then you’ll see

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