adidas Ace 16.3 Soccer Cleats

Designed for offering the same styled cleats as its elite counterpart, the most scaled down version within the Ace collection is the Ace 16.3 of which is ideal for players on a budget or play at less competitive standards of soccer.

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Ace 16.3 Cleat

The Ace range was developed into its second generation ready for release in early 2016 after a very successful first generation was launched in under a year previous. The Ace 16.3 uses the same styling as the cleats headlined by James Rodriguez however lacks the same technologies and high quality materials.

Opting for a slightly thicker and padded upper, the Ace 16.3 subsequently possesses high levels of protection and durability making the cleats ideal for players that require increased cushioning fom heavy tackles and who demand their cleats last a substantial time.