adidasd Ace 16.2 Primemesh Soccer Cleats

With the release of adidas' updated and technologically enhanced Ace 16 range, the German brand also officially unveiled their Ace 16.2 Primemesh cleat of which showcases as a scaled down premium Ace 16+ Primeknit however en-keeps matching styling and similar construction.

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Ace 16.2 Primemesh Cleat

The Ace 16 collection poses as the second generation of adidas' control-themed cleat and showcased the unprecedented inclusion of a collared Ace 16+ Primeknit cleat of which also included a more affordable Ace 16.2 Primemesh for players that have a more modest budget or play at a lesser competative standard.

TheAce 16.2 Primemesh uses a similar knitted material to the premium Primeknit however possesses a slightly thicker and stiffer characteristic, making the cleats slightly heavier and lacks the superior fit. Matching its elite counterpart, the Primemesh cleat features a mid-cut construction of which enhances a sock-like fit through hugging the foot and ankle.