Nike Mercurial Soccer Indoor Cleats

Designed for pure speed through the lightweight construction, alongside a close touch and feel on the ball due to the ultra-thin synthetic upper, Nike have engineered a FootballX collection for indoor use including the MercurialX, MagistaX, and HypervenomX for the small-sided players within the game.

Mercurial Cleat

The FootballX collection acted as the successor to Nike's previous FC247 range which again incorporated IC sole plates however the newer editions simply adjust the platforms of their popular standard cleats whereas its predecessor featured individual silos.

Making up the FootballX family see the Mercurial, Magista, and Hypervenom all given the 'X' treatment which transform the natural playing surfaces sole plate into a rubberised platform for specific use on Indoor Courts to optimise traction when rapidly changing direction or quickly stopping to deceive opposition.

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