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With the recent release of the Adidas Predator X, we look back now on the world’s most selling boot ever, the Adidas Predator.

The history of adidas soccer is rich and unrivaled and the world’s most popular sport is directly linked to founder Adi Dassler who made his first pair of soccer boots more than 80 years ago. Fueled by a personal mission to push the sport to new levels, Dassler continued to create premium products throughout his life. As players’ skills evolve and competition soars, adidas, the world’s #1 soccer brand, continues to adapt to the changing game with highly innovative products.

As a lead up to the2010 World Cup in South Africa, adidas is unveiling the PREDATOR®_X, the most powerful PREDATOR boot ever made. The tenth generation of thePREDATOR®, the world’s best selling soccer boot of all time, signifies the technological advancements which players of all levels have come to expect and demand from adidas.

Here is the evolution of this pioneering product that defines soccer history, the Adidas Predator.

1994 The launch of the adidas Predator proves to be a revolution in soccer footwear. Players notice they have more power, more control and more swerve, and that the shoe allows them to strike a ball with pinpoint accuracy. The Predator becomes the preferred footwear for the world’s top professionals and is considered the single greatest soccer boot innovation since the screw-in stud.

1995 The Predator Rapier enters the soccer stage in 1995. The re-designed rubber fins offer greater ball control and increased power. Moreover, the improved boot provides a more natural fit. The boot is the first to feature the fold-over Predator tongue.

1996 In 1996 the Predator Touch makes its mark on the pitch. The new boot introduces the adidas TRAXION® system. The Touch TRAXION® brings new meaning to the word “grip”. The fold-over tongue is given a facelift and returns in Predator red. Moreover, adidas introduces the EQT Real, the first soccer boot specifically designed and constructed for female players.

1998 During the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France, adidas launches the Predator Accelerator. This generation of Predator is the first to feature an anatomically perfect and professional fit, as well as asymmetrical loop lacing providing a larger, cleaner kicking surface to eliminate missed shots and passes.

2000 At the UEFA EURO 2000™, adidas introduces the Predator Precision. The exchangeable X?TRAXION studs merge the best soccer boot innovations ever: the idea of exchangeable studs from 1954 and the Predator and TRAXION technologies of the mid-‘90s.

2002 The Predator Mania is the first Predator to feature a split outsole construction, making the Mania boot remarkably lighter than previous Predator models. The renewed configuration of the Predator compound allows players to give the ball even more swerve than before. Selling well over a million pairs in 2002 and 2003, the boot proves to be a global success.

2004 The Predator Pulse, presented in 2004, features the new PowerPulse™ technology. The PowerPulse™ unit, developed and extensively tested with the University of Calgary, relocates only 40 grams of weight to the front of the shoe, achieving an increased power transfer of 3% in every kick. This means increased ball speed and ultimately less reaction time for a goalkeeper when the ball is shot on goal. The Predator once again confirms its status as the world’s premier soccer boot, selling well over two million pairs in 2004 and 2005.

2005 For the biggest ever event in soccer history, the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany, adidas presents the most accurate, the lightest and the most powerful football boot: the +Predator Absolute. The eighth generation of Predator features the revolutionary Exchangeable PowerPulseâ„¢ technology, allowing players to add power to taste.

2007 adidas presents the Predator® PowerSwerve. Compared to its predecessor, the Predator® PowerSwerve achieves eight percent more swerve and increases the power behind every shot by approximately three percent.

2009 The introduction of the PREDATOR_X®, the world’s most powerful PREDATOR boot ever made.

For more information on adidas soccer visit www.adidas.com/soccer

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Posted on October 27, 2009

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    I have a pair of Adidas Predator Touch Traxion from 1996 in excellent condition. Used only once by me. What do you think the current going rate would be for these classic boots? Thanks.

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    where can i purchase a pair of the 1995 adidas predators from

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