MLS Jerseys

The MLS poses as the highest level of competition within the USA after being founded in 1993 and features a divide of an Eastern Conference and Western Conference of which present as individual leagues before combining for the prestigious MLS Cup. The MLS started its inaugural season with 10 teams registered for the competition however has since grown to 20 after additional franchises wished to become a part of the successful league system.


Throughout its reasonably short duration of a competition, the MLS has been dominated by two clubs LA Galaxy and D.C. United of whom have achieved five and four MLS Cup's respectively. While D.C. United triumphed throughout the nineties, LA Galaxy grew to stardom through the headline signings of David Beckham, Landon Donovan, Robbie Keane, Steven Gerrard, and Giovani dos Santos of whom all competed within the prestigious English Premier League.

The high success of the MLS, especially in recent years, pays huge thanks to the media coverage supplied by ESPN networks and Fox Sports of which are part of a $90 million per season contract allowing for broadcasting nationally while additional contracts additionally allow for international footage with Eurosport.