Wayne Rooney And Mario Gomez Trial Upcoming Nike Hypervenom Phantom


The off-season is normally an exciting time for football fans, but with so many big releases this summer, it is going to be one summer to remember for football boots fans! While adidas will be lifting the curtain off two big name football boot releases, Nike will be unveiling the highly anticipated Nike Hypervenom in June. Neymar and Danny Welbeck are two big name stars who have worn blackout versions of the boot so far, now Bayern Munich’s Mario Gomez and Wayne Rooney are the two latest stars who have been spotted testing the boot out prior to it’s summertime release.

Wayne Rooney and the upcoming Nike Hypervenom Phantom has been the subject of intense debate on Soccer Reviews. Whenever someone thinks of the T90 Laser range, Wayne Rooney is surely one of the first few things that come to mind. But the impending release of the Hypervenom will see the death of the T90 Laser range, and it left many of us scratching our heads as to what boot Rooney will be wearing once the T90 becomes unavailable. We could not see Rooney fitting in to the ‘flair’ player that the Hypervenom is going to market towards, and as much as we wanted to see Warrior Sports sign Rooney *cough*, he is much too valuable as asset for Nike to lose.

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But it seems an England striker has answered that question for us. It probably was the most logical answer, but Rooney has now been seen testing out the new boot. While it may take people some getting used to not seeing Rooney in a T90 boot, Nike were never going to let go of the Manchester United forward. However, we think that it is the midfielders and tough tackling defenders who wear the T90 who will find it harder to make the transition to a new boot. Mikel is one example of a player who needed to make a change to a new boot, and the Chelsea midfielder made the transition to the CTR360 Maestri III this week from the T90 Laser IV.

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His boot switch has not been the big boot news story of the year, but it is still a major one that we did not see coming at the start of the season. While Mario Gomez used to be one of the headline athletes of the Puma evoSPEED 1 at the start of this season alongside fellow striker Sergio Aguero, we saw the Argentine taking over as the big name player over the course of this season. We started to see Gomez in a whiteout evoSPEED at the end of last year, but he then made the switch to Nike in late January.

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Admittedly, we were rather surprised to see that out of all the boots Nike could have given him, Gomez appeared in the Nike Tiempo Legend IV. Being a fox-in-the-box striker, it does make sense now that Nike have given the German striker a blackout pair of Nike Hypervenom Phantoms. With “agile traction” and the “instinctive finish” being two main points of the Nike Hypervenom, Gomez does fit into the sort of player Nike would want to be promoting the Nike Hypervenom Phantom. It could be one of the reasons why Nike signed the striker at the turn of the year, perhaps they had Gomez in mind as an ideal European face of the boot with Neymar being the headline athlete for the new range.

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The launch of the Hypervenom Phantom is not too far away, with the boot expected to be retailed on the 1st of July. Until then, are you looking forward to the launch of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom? Thanks to Charlie for the nudge on the Rooney spot!

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Posted on April 22, 2013

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  1. Andrea commented on May 10, 2013 Reply

    Alex Morgan and Christine Sinclair seem to be testing out the Hypervenoms too. Check out Thorns Preview: Players ready for Red Stars on Youtube!

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